The Suzuki Method

How Suzuki piano lessons work

Lessons taught according to Dr. Suzuki’s precepts are offered by trained Suzuki teachers. When pianists embark on a career teaching Suzuki piano, they take pedagogy courses from experienced Teacher Trainers. The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) organizes and approves all instruction of Suzuki method. Seven books of repertoire have been compiled to develop the technique and musicality of piano students. Teachers take training by unit: Unit 1 refers to Book 1 Suzuki Piano School.

Early lessons

  • New students and parents observe a few lessons of students who began the previous year
  • By observing, students as young as 4 years learn what happens at a lesson – and how to behave
  • Parents participate, too, at the lesson and practice at home with student
  • At the lesson teacher teaches child and coaches each parent
  • Every child can learn – and at his own pace
  • Parents ensure that student hears recording of repertoire at home – or in the car

Lessons continue…

  • Students and parents continue to work weekly with teacher
  • Ideally, the weekly lesson is organized so two students come together and watch each other’s lesson. Parents, too!
  • From the very first lessons, teacher and parent build the foundation for learning how to practise efficiently and effectively
  • Eventually, the parents and teacher begin to evaluate if students are able to do some practice independently

As students become independent and practise on their own, a new dynamic develops between the student and teacher. Students take ownership of their music study. The teacher comes to know each and every student in a different way from when the lesson consisted of the Suzuki triangle: parent, teacher, child.

Group lessons are part of Suzuki piano program

  • Group lessons are in addition to the weekly individual lesson
  • Frequency of group classes varies with the teacher and the teaching facility
  • Group class will consist of a smaller group of students of a similar age and level
  • Activities are planned to enhance what is being taught at the individual lesson

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