Suzuki Piano Pedagogy

What is unique about Suzuki pedagogy courses?

  • Suzuki ‘method’ is the only method that offers sequential training courses for teachers
  • Suzuki pedagogy courses are offered by designated Teacher Trainers
  • SAA Trainers follow a rigorous program to become Trainers
  • Pedagogy courses and repertoire books are studied sequentially by 'units'
  • Suzuki students learn to play using a common repertoire

For each Unit there is a syllabus outlining what will be covered in the course. Included in each course, are discussions of issues related to teaching such as how to work effectively with parents, motivation, among many others.

How is a course set up?

A class day for a Suzuki pedagogy course consists of:

  • Discussion of topics related to level of course
  • Performances by participants of repertoire of unit being covered
  • Teaching points of repertoire of the unit

When and how are courses scheduled?

Pedagogy courses are offered throughout the year in studio of the trainer AND are sponsored by Suzuki programs or summer institutes in the summer.

In Gail’s Studio, courses are offered when they are requested by teachers or prospective new Suzuki teachers. Gail and the participants work out class dates that suit everyone.

For example, courses are often offered for 5-6 hours on a Friday in the Studio in Guelph. For Unit 1, which is longer (28 hours), sometimes a Thurs. eve./Friday is scheduled, particularly if participants come from long distances.

Gail has been a Teacher Trainer in Piano of the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) since 1984.

Gail offers courses each year, although not all are offered in each calendar year.

  • Every Child Can!
  • Unit 1
  • Revisiting Book 1
  • Unit 2
  • Unit 3
  • Unit 4
  • Unit 5
  • Unit 6
  • Unit 7
  • Practicum

Gail is also a designated facilitator of the SAA course entitled Suzuki Principles in Action, known as SPA.

What is involved in ‘observation’ in Suzuki training courses?

  • All Suzuki pedagogy courses include a requirement that the participant observe some lessons taught by the trainer
  • Provision for observation possibilities is part of each course
  • Participants in Gail’s pedagogy courses also have access to a wide variety of lessons on her website.

How can I find out more about Suzuki pedagogy courses?

For complete information on requirements and pre-requisites to enroll in SAA Teacher Workshop courses, please visit the SAA website: