The Suzuki Method

Why Suzuki piano is so effective and enriching for young students and their families

  • Way to begin to play the piano at a very young age
  • The younger the child the more flexible is the body
  • Young child and parent can work well together
  • Young child is less involved in activities outside the home
  • Suzuki students learn to play musically and with confidence
  • With the help of the parent and teacher, Suzuki students learn how to practise efficiently and effectively and how to persevere to achieve goals
  • Suzuki method is the natural approach: the child learns first by ear
  • Child learns to play with ease from the outset, without having the responsibility of reading music from a book in the early stages
  • Children will learn to read music exceptionally well because they have learned to hear music in their heads before being expected to respond physically to symbols on the page
  • With the help of the parent, the children learn how to practice effectively so they will become efficient independent learners when they are older
  • Parents learn so much more about how their children learn as they participate in the learning process each week and in the home practice